• I was delighted to read the piece by Ian Hoey on “The Illusionist” which has been screening at The Cameo Cinema, Edinburgh for several weeks.
    My Dad, Jim Poole, was a great fan of Tati and would have been tickled to see The Cameo, which he ran from 1949 to his retirement in the ’80’s having transformed the old King’s from derelict and crumbling early picture house into Edinburgh’s first arthouse cinema, clearly featured in this lovely Sylvain Chomet animation based on a Tati script from the ’50’s. We have just screened “The Illusionist ” at Berwick Film & Media Arts Society here in the east coast borders, to an audience of 250 appreciative filmgoers, who afterwards brimmed over with enthusiasm.As Ian notes, the draw is that Tati wrote it. A heartelt and dedicated 5-year project for Chomet, and a fitting tribute to the brilliant Tati. What a shame his daughter Sophie didn’t live to see the end result – it was she who identified Chomet as a fitting Director for her father’s script which had lain gathering dust in their family attic after Tati died. But the film is dedicated to her.

    Anyone who queued around the corner to see a Tati film at The Cameo during those long runs will appreciate the quirky, hand-drawn characters and sardonic humour of “The Illusionist” and it’s tender touches and once again The Cameo resonates with the unique Tati magic.