Arresting new Filth trailer now online

Jonathan Melville 10 July, 2013 0
Arresting new Filth trailer now online

Sick. Twisted. Sexy. Depraved. Warped. Dirty. Wild. Dark. Shocking. Weird. Obscene. Controversial. Psychotic. Kinky. Outrageous. Offensive. Disgusting. Insane. That’s just the first 10 seconds of the latest trailer for Filth, the new Irvine Welsh adaptation.

James McAvoy is Edinburgh copper and anti-hero, Bruce Robertson, in John S Baird’s take on Welsh’s book. The film, shot on location in Scotland’s capital, co-stars Jamie Bell, Jim Broadbent and Eddie Marsan.

The film will open in Scotland on 27 September, a week before the rest of the UK.

Watch the trailer