From Cuts To Classification: The BBFC at 100, 29 September, Hippodrome, Bo’ness

Jonathan Melville 21 September, 2012 0
From Cuts To Classification: The BBFC at 100, 29 September, Hippodrome, Bo’ness

On Saturday 29 September the Bo’ness Hippodrome continues its centenary celebrations with a unique opportunity to spend an evening with the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC), also celebrating its 100th year in 2012.

BBFC Director David Cooke and Senior Film Examiner Craig Lapper will take the audience through key milestones in the history of the BBFC, illustrated with artefacts and film clips, and closing with an audiences question and answer session.

Who really banned A Clockwork Orange? Why did audiences live in fear of Snow White? Was The Dark Knight too dark for a 12A?  These questions and many others relating to the work of the BBFC will be considered as the event delves into how social attitudes have changed over the years.

The BBFC was established as the British Board of Film Censors in 1912, the same year the Hippodrome opened. While some issues, such as criminal behaviour, have remained abiding concerns at the BBFC, other issues have declined in importance (such as nudity) whereas others have become more problematic (such as racism and discrimination). The presentation is rated 18 and will be illustrated by clips from some key films ranging from the early days of cinema to more recent times, together with archival documents and photographs from the BBFC’s archive.

BBFC Director David Cooke will explain how this approach was established and is put into practice today, in order to provide clear film content advice for parents and cinema-goers.

Find out more about From Cuts to Classification: The BBFC at 100 on the Hippodrome website. Tickets are £5.85 (£4.55 conc.) and are available from the Hippodrome Box Office or from the Steeple Box Office, Falkirk High Street, Tel: 01324 506850.