• Chris Cobain

    Hi. As a former presenter at Bute FM, (community radio for the Isle Of Bute) i had the pleasure of interviewing the beautiful Miss Ashley Lilley on “The Sunday Soul Selection” show, which i co-hosted with fellow presenter John McGuigan. Ash’ was brilliant. A total natural, she filled the airwaves with her warmth and charm, speaking freely about her youth and formative years, with a maturity and eloquence that would put many (and much more famous and less talented) of her peers to shame. She exudes confidence without overbearence. And bearing in mind her inexperience at the top level of her trade, she has an ability to connect with both interviewer and audience in such a way as to let you know that her feet are firmly rooted, and she sufferrs no delusions of grandeur. All in all a real pleasure to engage, whether as a celebrity or not. I hope Ashley goes from strength to strength and reaches the heights to which she aspires, she certainly deserves it.
    Oh by the way, she loves Stevie Wonder. That’s always a good measure of a person.;