• Kevin Stewart

    “It makes you feel warm towards your fellow humans” what a joke!

    The incredible real life sad story behind Jacques Tati’s The Illusionist that Bob Last and Sylvain Chomet spitefully try to hide with the weakest defence.



    Tati indeed wrote The Illusionist for his daughter but not the one mentioned but the one he had shamefully abandoned during the war and who grew up in orphanage.

    A woman married to a Scot, who for most of her life has called the Scottish Boarders her home and today has to contend with the bullying of these grown men with the misrepresentation of her father’s guilt.

    Don’t be fooled into believing Chomet moved to Edinburgh solely enticed by the charms of the city for the Illusionist project he was here way before production started trying and failing to set up various other ventures which in the main he was sacked from. Chomet’s left now; taking his toy’s with him like a spoilt child because Scottish Development wouldn’t shower him with cash for his next vanity project.