Interview: Pilton Video’s Graham Fitzpatrick and Sarah Drummond

Jonathan Melville 3 February, 2011 1

Pilton Video

Mum's Birthday's Ashleigh Shephard and Chris Robertson

It was in December 2010 that Edinburgh’s Pilton Video took short film, Mum’s Birthday, to the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival and won awards for best actor and best ensemble cast.

Founded in 1982 to work with local community groups in the Pilton area of Edinburgh, Pilton Video went city-wide in 1995 and is now part of Edinburgh City Council’s Children and Families Department. It offers training and filmmaking facilities to a range of age groups and sections of the community.

Jonathan Melville met with Pilton Video manager, and Mum’s Birthday director, Graham Fitzpatrick, and the film’s producer, Sarah Drummond, to discuss the making of the film.

The wide-ranging discussion touched on the company’s work with children and adults around Edinburgh, the collaborative effort and editing process which led to the development of Mum’s Birthday as a short film and their subsequent success in America.

The interview is available as both a 23-minute version and a shorter 5-minute clip. Both can be listened to below or via iTunes.

Pilton Video interview (extended version):

Pilton Video interview (short version):

  • Jackie McNally

    Fantastic interview! Graham and Sarah describe brilliantly the process of the edinburgh wide community film making process that engaged so many young people and produced ‘Mum’s Birthday’ – thank you Jonathan, Graham and Sarah! Hope the success doesn’t stop here – good luck with BAFTA NEW TALENT and the future at Pilton Video x