• Darin

    Excellent stuff Mr Melville, look forward to reading it in a glossy…Empire, Total Film, something like that. And more importantly looking forward to seeing Sir Billi. Sounds like a quality home grown project.

    Give me shout when you get an interview with the big man and I’ll be your driver / bouncer / T boy.

    Regards Darin

  • 008

    Christ, this site doesn’t fact check anything it is told, does it?
    You’ve been fed a pound and a half of mince here.

  • Ross Maclean

    What “mince” are you referring to?

    It would be helpful if you could specify exactly what needs fact-checked here.


  • Sloan7046

    Utter nonsense. Animation that would have looked dated even in the 90s, risible plot and script, it’s been withering on the vine for years and finally premiered at a film festival on a winery last month, where it got the kicking it so rightfully deserved from Variety. Hartman is an arch self publicist and is desperate to persuade us that this is the start of a tartan Pixar. It’s really, really isn’t.