Looking ahead to Edinburgh’s CineFringe 2012

ReelScotland 30 March, 2012 0

John Lynch from Edinburgh’s CineFringe Film Festival gives us a preview of this year’s event.

Good news, CineFringe Film Festival has launched for a third year to bring independent film to the Edinburgh Fringe! We knew you’d be pleased.

Every year it seems to come earlier and earlier. This year, on the same day that the Edinburgh International Film Festival announced that Pixar’s latest mega-blockbuster in the making, Brave, was to close this year’s event, somewhere quietly a tiny team of film and fringe enthusiasts launched Edinburgh’s ‘other’ film festival.

At CineFringe we may not have the big American glitz and glamour but perhaps we do offer something that, even when the EIFF did take place over August, has never really been available – namely a film event that truly fits into the whirling chaotic madness of the Fringe. We’ve been plugging away for nearly three years now, each year improving and you could say learning how to make a film festival happen.

Our film programmes have ranged from gritty British-European drama to heartbreaking animation, darkly comic sci-fi through to eye opening documentary and even a re-make of Night of the Living Dead made with sock puppets set within an old washing machine box. In the first two years of our humble venture there really has been something for everyone at each screening!

Our commitment to the independent filmmaker also means the Festival is open to anyone from anywhere in the world and is completely free to enter. The Festival is a mixture of free events and screenings which, although ticketed, are in fact cheaper than visiting the regular cinema. Accessibility is the name of our game.

However, CineFringe is more than just a festival. In two years we have met directors and filmmakers and made a network of talented people all connected by CineFringe and that’s why this year we aren’t just screening films but starting the CineFringe Blog.

We want this website to be a place where independent and low budget filmmakers visit regularly, as our team and contributors seek to give fringe film a place to be seen and heard. We want to interview new talent and explore their work, from pre to post-production, everything from first concept to final cut.

This blog will feature hands-on discussion of low cost equipment and our unique take on developments in the industry and how they effect indie filmmakers. We’ll cover it all; methods of funding, writing, promotion, ‘how to’ guides, the philosophy of filmmaking and much more, whilst never shoving endless dry technical jargon down your throat.

Finally, of course, we want to build on our last two fantastic years at the Edinburgh Fringe to make 2012’s Cinefringe Film Festival the best place to get your film a great audience, at the heart of the world’s biggest arts festival!

This year we will attempt to have more events than before and visit more cities with our unique cinema experience. Finally and very excitingly for us, we’ll be launching a crowd funding campaign very soon to help fund CineFringe this year and in the immediate future so that we can make as great as it deserves to be. As a part of that campaign we have some truly awesome rewards and opportunities for those that help push us to the next level.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy the ride.

Visit the CineFringe website for more details on this year’s Festival, including a chance to submit your film.