Night is Day moves from computer screen to silver screen

Jonathan Melville 27 August, 2010 0
Night is Day moves from computer screen to silver screen

Night is Day

Thanks to the efforts of Taggart, viewers are used to seeing the grittier side of Glasgow on screen, barely raising an eyebrow as ASBOs, gangsters and street crime are shown to be part of everyday life. But, what if alongside them were demons, vampires and a hero with secret powers?

That’s the premise of web series Night is Day, the story of Jason Mackenzie (Chris Summers), an ordinary twenty-something whose life is on a downward spiral when he’s approached by a stranger who gifts him with the new abilities which allow him to fight Glasgow’s supernatural denizens.

With a successful first season under their belt, and a second nearing completion, the team behind the series recently announced their intentions to bypass TV and head for cinemas in a feature-length version. Still starring Summers as Mackenzie, the movie sees him take on new enemies, with loyal viewers rewarded with new adventures while new fans should enjoy it as a standalone tale.

Jonathan Melville caught up with writer/director Fraser Coull and producers Lindsay Dowell and Gavin Orr at the 2010 Collectormania event at Glasgow’s Braehead Arena to find out more about the film and what we can expect from this low-budget production. The following video can be viewed in both Standard and High Definition:

Here’s the full-length Night is Day trailer, released at Collectormania:

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