Rab C Nesbitt: The Early Years?

Jonathan Melville 17 December, 2011 0

Two short films featuring early perfomances from Rab C Nesbitt’s Gregor Fisher and Tony Roper have been recovered from the archives this week.

Foreshadowing the drinking habits of Fisher and Roper’s characters from BBC Scotland’s Rab C Nesbitt, Pool (1978) and Saturday Night (1978) were produced by Graphos Films for the Scottish Health Education Unit (now NHS Scotland) and showed the public the dangers of excessive drinking. Taggart’s Alex Norton and Hamish Macbeth’s Jimmy Yuill also feature.

The films have been made available by the Wellcome Trust, a global charitable foundation committed to realising the full potential of biomedical research to improve health.

As they note on their blog, these films are part of a collection of titles commissioned by the Scottish Health Education Unit between 1975-8, which have been licensed to the Wellcome Library for the Wellcome Film resource.

Pool shows a group of friends meeting in a pub for a game of pool. The heavy drinker, Fisher, who arrived long before the others, is more concerned with teaching the youngsters to ‘drink like a man’ than playing.

Saturday Night shows couples meeting in a pub before going on to a local dance. Tam (Roper) tries to force his friends into drinking more than they want, although the rest of the group aren’t so keen.

Visit the Wellcome Films YouTube channel for more health education films from the vaults.