Rare Wake in Fright 35mm screenings

Jonathan Melville 12 January, 2014 0
Rare Wake in Fright 35mm screenings

Two special screenings of Australian cult classic, Wake in Fright, are coming to Scottish cinemas this month before the print heads back Down Under.

Matt Palmer, the mastermind behind the hugely successful All Night Horror Madness events we covered back in 2011, got in touch to say he’s been trying to screen the film from 35mm for over a decade and that it’s finally happening in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Legendary cult classic Wake In Fright, considered a “lost” film for almost 40 years, tells the story of a young school teacher stranded in a brutal outback town.

For many years, the only known print of Wake in Fright, found in Dublin, was considered of insufficient quality for transfer to DVD or videotape for commercial release. In response to this situation, Wake in Fright’s editor, Anthony Buckley, began to search in 1994 for a better-preserved copy of the film in an uncut state. Ten years later, in Pittsburgh, Buckley found the negatives in a shipping container labelled “For Destruction”.

Martin Scorcese dubbed the film “a deeply – and I mean deeply – unsettling movie. It left me speechless…” while Nick Cave calls it “the best and most terrifying film about Australia”. Once seen, the film is simply never forgotten.

A full theatrical, DVD and Blu-ray release of Wake In Fright follows from Eureka Entertainment in March, but there’s still time to catch this unforgettable cult classic from 35mm before the print flies back to the other side of the world…

Wake In Fright plays the GFT on Sunday January 19 and Filmhouse on Sunday January 26.

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