ReelScotland Blethers: Episode 16 – Ewen Bremner

Jonathan Melville 22 June, 2018 0

I’m a fan of podcasts. Every week I listen to a dozen or so, and I’ve been thinking about starting one up for a long time.

That time has finally arrived, and the first episode of ReelScotland Blethers, so-called because I plan to have a blether (or chat) with someone different each episode.

Only it’s not really episode one because I have numerous interviews I carried out for ReelScotland over the years that are also in the podcast feed, so the new episode is also episode 16.

All clear? I don’t blame you if not.

Still, if you’re a fan of actor Ewen Bremner, best known for Trainspotting or most recently Wonder Woman, then you might like to have a listen to this episode in which he discusses a short film he produced, No Song to Sing.

If you head over to you can find links to your podcast host of choice, but Apple is here and Stitcher is here for starters…

Here’s the episode…

Please let me know what you think!