ReelScotland Blethers: Episode 18 – Finlay Pretsell on Time Trial

Jonathan Melville 3 July, 2018 0

Last week I spent some time at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, where one of the new films I saw was the documentary Time Trial, from Edinburgh director Finlay Pretsell.

The film follows former professional cyclist David Millar as he fights to return to racing following a tumultuous career that involved winning numerous titles before being suspended for doping in 2004.

Now clean, Millar’s journey to compete again in the Tour de France is caught on camera in sometimes painful detail, and as a viewer you’re taken inside the race by Finlay’s cameras.

As this episode is published on the 2nd of July there’s still time to see Time Trial in cinemas before it comes out again in the 12th of July around the UK.

I spoke to Finlay about how the film came to be and there’s some good advice in there for anyone thinking of making a documentary.

The interview took place in the bar of Edinburgh’s Cameo cinema, so apologies for some of the background noises which at one point get a bit loud for a few seconds.

Listen to the episode on Apple iTunes, on or hear it below:

Thanks to Finlay for taking the time to talk to me and please try to see Time Trial at the cinema if you can.

Until next time, thanks for listening to me blethering and feel free to check out some previous episodes of the podcast.