Sean Connery takes on terrorists in Ransom

Jonathan Melville 6 September, 2014 0
Sean Connery takes on terrorists in Ransom

With Sir Sean Connery unlikely to return to the big screen in the near future, the best his fans can hope for are releases of his back catalogue on shiny disc, with the latest being 1974’s Ransom a.k.a. The Terrorists.

In this rather low-key thriller, Connery is a Scandinavian security chief, Tahlvik, who enters into a battle of wits with terrorist leader Petrie (Ian McShane). Connery spends much of his time thinking in Casper Wrede’s thriller, pondering how he can save the hostages whose lives are at stake, both on an airliner and in the British ambassador’s residence.

Anyone looking for action sequences will be disappointed, but Connery is on fine form in the quieter moments and the film looks stunning (it was photographed by double Oscar-winning Swedish cinematographer Sven Nykvist), with a score from Jerry Goldsmith.

Ransom is out now on on DVD and Blu-ray from Network in a brand-new transfer from the original film elements.

Now all we need is someone to release 1965’s The Hill on Blu-ray, Connery’s finest performance (if you know better, let me know in the comments below…).