The Friday Five: Ian Rankin

Jonathan Melville 13 January, 2012 1
The Friday Five: Ian Rankin

For our first Friday Five we caught up with Edinburgh-based Ian Rankin, one of Britain’s best known, and bestselling, crime novelists.

Although Rankin is as big a music fan as his famous fictional creation, Inspector John Rebus, he also has an appreciation of film, as followers of his Twitter feed can attest to.

His latest novel, The Impossible Dead, is out now.

What was the first film that had an effect on you and why?

The first film that had an effect on me was probably A Clockwork Orange. I was just a kid when it came out, but the furore and the fact I was barred from seeing it led me to the novel, and the novel blew me away. I wanted to be a writer from then on.

What’s your local cinema?

I am blessed to live within a 15-minute walk of the Dominion, Cameo, Odeon, Cineworld and Filmhouse, meaning I’m spoiled for choice. Recently saw Sherlock Holmes at the Dominion and Hugo at the Odeon. And plan to visit the Filmhouse this week.

What was the last DVD you bought/film you downloaded?

I don’t download films. Don’t often buy DVDs either. I do sometimes rent from LoveFilm. Bought Bridesmaids for my wife’s Christmas. Think I might buy Kill List for myself some time though.

What’s your favourite moment in a Scottish film?

Favourite moment in a Scottish film: the scene in That Sinking Feeling where the teenagers are in a car discussing the heist they’re about to pull off. It’s only when they exit the car that you realise it is a wreck on a barren area of wasteland.

What’s your favourite film?

Favourite film: impossible to say. Don’t make me choose between The Godfather, Raising Arizona, Apocalypse Now, Big Lebowski, Bugsy Malone, Blade Runner, The Philadelphia Story, etc, etc, etc…