What’s On in Edinburgh & Borders: 26 March – 1 April 2010

Jonathan Melville 20 March, 2010 0

A round-up of some of the best films and events coming to Edinburgh and Borders cinemas over the next seven days.

Pick of the week is the film they should have tried to ban, one so bad that cinema audiences have been known to stage mass walk outs while those that remain wish they’d stayed at home. Yes, The Room returns to Edinburgh’s Cameo cinema on Saturday 27 March, and you really should be there.

I went along to the Cameo’s first, sold-out, screening of The Room in February and enjoyed the atmosphere in the room much more than the film itself and had one of the most enjoyable nights at the cinema in many years.

I can’t recommend this highly enough but advise you to book your ticket now as there’s a good chance it’ll sell out all over again.

Also screening on Saturday, but a full ten hours earlier so there’s plenty time to have your dinner in between, is Sergio Leone’s 1968 Western, Once Upon a Time in the West.

From its tense opening moments which take place at a railway station through to its violent shoot-outs, it’s a film with a superb cast – Henry Fonda, Charles Bronson, Jason Robards – and gorgeous soundtrack by Ennio Morricone, the film was made to be seen on the big screen.

The film starts at 1pm while ticket prices start at £4.90 and can be bought direct from the Filmhouse website.

Back at the Cameo on Sunday afternoon, and tying in nicely to the release of Kick Ass, is a double bill of two previous comic book adaptations, Sin City & Watchmen from 2005 and 2009 respectively.

Both films have their merits: Sin City’s unique, down-and-dirty look plays up the noir-tinged feel of Frank Miller’s graphic novel, while Watchmen’s alternate timeline adventure is a love letter to Alan Moore’s comic. The double begins at 12.30pm on Sunday, prices vary.

Finally this week, the Scotsman Screening Room on North Bridge has a one-off screening of Who Framed Roger Rabbit on Sunday 28 March, the 1988 animated comedy starring Bob Hoskins as Private Eye Eddie Valiant and Jessica Rabbit as herself.

Crime, comedy and cartoons are all mixed together to produce a ground-breaking film which for some reason didn’t spawn a series of sequels.

If you think we have missed anything, or you have something you wish us to feature in this area, please leave a comment below.