• John Thomson

    I have been seething since wathching the BBCTWO programme ‘You’ve Been Trumped’.  I commend BBC, its Directors and Film producers for making and showing this film.
    It IS my STRONGEST belief that Scottish Parlimentarians, Local government in Aberdeenshire, plus the Aberdeen Planning authorities, the Directors and Chairmen of the Scottish Sites of Special Interest (SSSI), the Cheif of Police in Aberdeen and Angus as well as possibly the City Councillors of Aberdeen should ALL HANG THEIR HEADS in SHAME.  Then they should take what is left of Trump’s money to the area and use it to restore the lifestyles and independence of the people who live in the vast area that was handed over to Trump – against much opposition as I remember it – and to restore to the best of their ability the natural Dunescape and fauna of the area. Give a Google Map to Herr Trump and point out the directions for him to return to the USA.
    WHY have the planners not checked the original agreement given to Trump and his ‘gangs’ to ensure they are sticking to the agreed areas.  Moving the goalposts, cutting water and power supplies to one or more local persons is just not acceptable in THIS COUNTRY, SCOTLAND.
    I may have a guilt complex for not resisting Trump in his original proposals. But, seeing his gangs operate and overrunning in the way they did with a few locals is NOT acceptable.
    WHY were the Police protecting the Dollar Man and not the legal landowners / occupants?
    WHY were Companies given the ‘right’ (by Trump) to bulldoze their way (for Trump) into local life and legal lifestyles?
    As for Herr Trump’s attitude at the close of the programme – well done that cameraman.  Now eveyone should be able to see who and what they have unleashed on Scotland, all in the name of Green.  Green Dollars, multi-millions of them potentially.  I hope not. 
    Believe it or not, I am basically NOT a Scottish Nationalist or with any particular ‘party’.  But, I am a humanist in nature and wish to stand for the rights of those who need support to remove th man and his inflated idea’s.
    I would like to see another BBC Programme equally focussing in on the Scottish Government, City and Country Planners, Aberdeen and Angus Chief’s of Police, SSSI, Local Politicians of course, Heads of Contracted Companies who also appear to think it proper to destroy the lifestyle of any individual, for any reason. Name and Shame, sort out this mess on film and let everyone try to return to a country lifestyle of their choosing. 
    John Thomson

  • Ken MacLennan

    Cannot understand why there are no comments re this programme. It is a very disturbing documentary which raises very important issues concerning our government, the powers of the police and planning and environmental services.The behaviour of the Trump organisation, and others who support him is totally unacceptable.There should be a judicial inquiry in to what has been happening in the north east. I can understand why this documentary won an award. 

  • Pgordonball

    What happened to the Scottish Nationalist party that was honest and decent from my youth? I’m shocked and disgusted at the SNP, Police and anyone who sanctioned the treatment of the local people harmed like this. What has Alec Salmond done to the SNP to make them sell out so cheaply? Scotland stand up for your rights, wake up to this injustice and complain… would you trust the SNP to take Scotland forward if they got the vote for full independence? They probably sell it to Trump to make it into a corporation…